Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mazel Tov

My brother tied the knot with his lovely bride, Emily, on 11.11.11.  We all traveled to Salt Lake City for the event.  The trip was relatively smooth with only a few crises including Leah locking us out of the bedroom with all the clothes we needed for the reception about 10 minutes before we had to change.  The wedding was great and the dinner/reception after was super fun.  A large part of that was due to the EW&F they played.  I worked out a lot of issues on that dance floor.  Leah and Andrew looked super duper cute for the pictures.  Even better, our nanny came and got them before the dinner so Paul and I could enjoy it without blood-curdling screams and/or food being launched at our faces.  A fun time was had by all.  Congrats E&E!!!


Meagan said...

GORGEOUS PICTURES! Congrats Eric!!! That is so wonderful! That picture of them walking out of the temple is so beautiful!

Rachel said...

I'm very glad that they got married in Salt Lake so I could meet you finally!

The Black's said...

Oh lucky you had a nanny....receptions are awful with little chase them and the food they are throwing and change them and then it is time to go home....whaa? It's over? Ha!